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Law School

The law School of Central South University originated in 1993 when the former Central South Industrial College established law department and set up economic law program for undergraduates. The School of Law, founded in 2002, offers first discipline doctoral degree program in law, mobile postdoctoral station for law, first discipline master’s degree program as well as professional master of law degree program. It also boasts key discipline in law in Hunan Province, while hosting several bases, including the base of producing excellent talents in law approved by Ministry of Education and the base of after-school practice education for students.

With over 60 faculty members and 22 professors(among them 12 doctoral supervisors, 18 associate professors, 20 lecturers), School of Law are equipped with strong teaching force. Among all the faculty members, one is the vice chairman of China Law Society, one is a member of law Education Steering Committee of Ministry of Education, and three are included in The New Century Talents Program of Ministry of Education. The school’s teaching force is rationally organized with 85% having doctoral degree and over half of them boasting background of studying abroad. A large number of renowned law experts are invited to take such positions as academic consultants, visiting professors and supervisors, including Mr. Luo Haocai, Mr. Guo Daohui, Mr. Li Buyun, Mr.Jiang Bixin and Mr. Wu Zhipan. School of Law still hosts nearly 10 academic institutions, such as Intellectual Property Rights Research Department in Hunan Province, Hunan Province Service-based Government and Rule of Law Research Center, Hunan Corruption Prevention Law System Research Center. A series of academic periodicals have been founded, like Folk law(CSSCI), Economic law Journal, China’s Legal System.

In recent years, School of Law has successfully won the bidding for key and major projects of national social sciences foundation and national social sciences foundation projects for youths for several times. In 2010, it presided over Annual Conference of China Economic law Research Association. In 2013, Annual Conference of law Education Steering Committee of Ministry of Education and China Economic law Research Association was successfully held in School of Law, CSU. These high-level and influential academic meetings demonstrates the power of this school, and school influence and reputation are enhanced as well, creating favorable outside environment for its future development.

School of Law is dedicated to foster students with solid theoretical base of law, knowledge of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. It encourages students to master basic theories and methods of modern law, strengthens the law practice and teaching link, and demands them to closely interact with government bodies, law firms and enterprises, aiming at producing talents with innovation spirit and practice capabilities. In the coming years, it will stride forward to develop itself into a the-state-of-the- art school, and will continue to produce a large number of well-qualified talents meeting requirements of future and society.